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Building Trades Technician

The Building Trades Technician program at CTE offers the right technical skills and work procedures training needed for those who wish to enter this profession. Student fees include the clothing and tools necessary during the class and after subsequent job placement.

HVAC, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and all done with hands-on activity, this is what the Building Trades Technician program is all about at the College for Technical Education.

In only 9 months, graduates are prepared for commercial and residential positions such as:

• Office Building Maintenance
• Construction Site Work
• Residential and Commercial Repair
• 608 HVAC EPA Certified Positions

Students will learn the basics of blueprint reading and construction math, carpentry, HVAC, plumbing and electrical work. Graduates will understand the importance of communication as well as teamwork. Under close supervision, students spend their time with learning theory and hands on training using modern tools, materials and techniques.

As with all CTE programs, considerable emphasis is placed on preparation for work in the industry, with regular discussions of what employers look for. how to get and keep a job, resume preparation, mock interviews, post-interview follow-up and networking skills. Employment Consultants may even help students with referrals to part-time jobs while attending school.

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Building Trades Technician Program