Should I apply for aid even if I probably won't qualify?

Yes. The application is free and some sources of aid (unsubsidized Direct Loan and Parent PLUS loans) are available regardless of need.

How much aid will I receive?

The amount of aid you are eligible to receive is determined by the information reported by your family on the FAFSA. Each case is indivdiualized. The US Department of Education uses a formula to determine each student’s EFC (estimated family contribution). The EFC is the amount of money the government has determined that a family can contribute to the student’s educational costs. The EFC determines grant and loan eligibility.

When will my aid be disbursed?

The Financial Aid Office generally disburses aid as it is received to your student account. Disbursed financial aid that is more than your tuition/fee charges and any allowable bookstore charges is considered a refund. Refunds are disbursed twice per month.

MY FAFSA was rejected because it is missing a signature. What do I do?

​When you file the FAFSA, you can sign the form by using your FAFSA log in and password or by printing the signature page and mailing it to the address listed on the printed page. If you (or your parents, if you are a dependent student) failed to sign the FAFSA, you can go back to the FAFSA website and sign the form electronically.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

For additional questions regarding financial aid, you may contact the college financial aid department at 859-272-5225, 1165 Centre Parkway, Suite 120, Lexington, KY or AGrace@cte.edu