Job Placement

Employment Solutions, Inc. is an organization that promotes personal and economic independence and the primary focus of the College for Technical Education is to provide education and support that will enable students to obtain lifelong careers in personally rewarding occupations. Our goal is to work with students individually to understand their needs and strengths as it relates to their chosen profession.

In conjunction with Bluegrass Career Services, also a division of Employment Solutions, Inc., students receive job readiness training as part of their course work in every program with the college. Services include:

• Career Development
• Mock Interviewing
• Resume Writing
• Application Assistance
• Life Skills Development
• Career Planning

Each program is assigned to an Employment Consultant who specializes in their student’s placement. Employment Consultants stay tuned in to the job market for the program and builds a clientele of employers who are eager to hire CTE graduates.

Self-sufficiency begins with a CTE education and personalized job placement attention. Contact CTE today at 859-272-5225 or through our contact us page and start your way to self-sufficiency.