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Nothing Can Stop this Lady May 01, 2019

It takes a lot to go back to school and to have the strength to do it when everyone and everything else seems to tell you no. This did not stop Ms. Keiwanna Weathers from fulfilling her dream of continuing her education and making a better life for her and her children.

Keiwanna began with Employment Solutions, Inc/ College for Technical Education in November 2017 in the Early Childhood Education program. The program is a nine month certificate and offers students not only the ability and education to sit for the CDA exam, but much more than that.Keiwanna wanted more.

Ms. Weathers is a mother of four children, a preschooler, one in Tates Creek Elementary school, a two year old and a one year old. “It’s hard to be a mom and know that your children have to rely on you, but yet you know you must do so much more to make a better life for them,” says Keiwanna. “My children deserved more.” While in school, one of Keiwanna’s four children came down very sick and she was forced to drop out when she was nearly half way through. “We are lucky that our student to teacher ratio is so small at a certificate based program such as CTE,” says Cynthia Quinton, Early Childhood Education Director, “We were able to move some things around so that Ms. Weathers could return to school as soon as her child was going to be ok and she was ready”. She has done such a tremendous job and showing how dedicated she is to the profession, that Keiwanna was offered a position at Campus Kids Early Childhood Center in a Community Action Early Head Start room.

“Keiwanna is an amazing person who has drive and we see that a lot with our students”, says Brenda Evans, CTE College Director, “I am so proud to be handing a diploma to her in July.”

For more information about the programs offered at Employment Solutions, Inc,/College for Technical Education, contact admissions at 859-272-5225 or admissions@cte.edu. Offering Building Trades Technician, Early Childhood Education, Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding and Cosmetology.